Welcome to Bricknoid Help Page. If you still have questions after reading this, feel free to send an e-mail to driantgames@gmail.com


The objective in Bricknoid is to break all the bricks in the screen by making your ball hit them. Some bricks need to be hit multiple times to be broken, while some are indestructable, but they don't need to be destroyed to complete the level.


How to shoot the ball

When you are ready, release your finger to fire!


- The bricks in the first row are normal bricks, they are destroyed with one shot.

- The ones in the second row are special. The one on the left in indestructable. The others need 4, 3, 2 and 1 hit to be destroyed respectively.


Power-ups drop randomly from broken bricks, and they provide some bonuses or penalties when collected with the paddle.

1. Sticky Paddle: Stops the ball when it hits the paddle, allowing the player to aim and shoot.

2. Laser Paddle: The paddle will fire lasers.

3. Unstoppable Ball: The ball will destroy every brick (except indestructable bricks) with one shot and won't bounce off.

4/5. Larger/Smaller Paddle: Will increase/decrease the paddle's size if it's not already at the max/min size.

6. Enclosed Frame: Will close the bottom of the screen, so that the ball won't fall down.

Important: If you take a paddle power-up, and take a different paddle power-up before previous one expires, the new one will override the old one. If the new one you get is the same as the old one, its time remaining will extend.


By default, every graphics and sound option is enabled. You can change those from the Settings menu. There are options like removing the ball's trail, enabling/disabling game music and so on.


You can change the game's difficulty from the Profile Menu under the Settings Menu. There are 3 difficulty levels; Easy, Normal and Hard. In the classic level pack, you earn 1 star when you complete the level on easy difficulty, 2 on normal, and 3 on hard.


1. Classic Level Pack: The standard game type with lots of different levels to beat. Your high scores from classic level pack are stored locally on your phone, and can be viewed from High Scores menu under Achievements

2. Extreme Challenge: In this mode, new bricks spawn from the top of the screen and fall down over time. The game gets harder over time, and it ends when you lose all your spare balls or let 6 bricks get down too close to the paddle. High scores from this are automatically submitted to the online leaderboards. You can change your name from the Profile Menu under Settings, so that your score will carry your name next to it. For now, only Top 10 scores are displayed, and can be seen from the High Scores menu by clicking the Global tab on the top.

3. Level of the Week: Download and play the level of this week! A new level comes here every week, usually on Sunday or Monday. These levels are a bit harder than the usual ones.